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Welcome to the West Sussex PFI Lighting Portal

I have pleasure in welcoming you to this website developed especially for you, the residents of West Sussex, and I hope you find it helpful.

Part night lighting as we approach the end of British Summer time.

The Majority of Street Lighting in West Sussex is controlled by photocells. Part night photocells turn on the lights from dusk till the middle of the night, they then turn the light off for five and half hours before turning the light back on. Currently as the UK is in British Summer Time (BST) this is around 6.30am, this is perfectly normal and not a fault of the lighting.

As we are approaching the end of British Summer Time the mornings stay darker longer and as currently the part night street lighting does not turn back on until around 6.30am there may be occasions when it is still dark and the lighting is off (i.e. before 6.30am) during times of commuting.

When the UK turn their clocks back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) the lights will be coming back on around 5.30am. The photo cell timing is industry standard, pre-set and are not adjustable.

West Sussex has been at the fore front of part night street lighting since the early 70’s and the continued use of it has been set out by the County Councillors in a bid to safeguard the County Council against the future predicted large energy price increases, helps sustain our current energy bills, reduces carbon emissions and ultimately uses tax payer’s money efficiently.

We have completed one of the biggest street lighting projects in Europe where we have replaced approx:

55,000 Lighting Columns

12,000 Illuminated signs, bollards beacons etc

Whilst continuing to maintaining a total of 85,000 Units.

We would really like to hear from you with your views on how you think we are doing, so why not email us at

Your feedback is very important and it helps us monitor and improve the service we deliver for you.

I hope you visit us again soon.  

Nathan Thayre

Operations Manager, South Coast PFI

Report a faulty street light

Report a faulty street light
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